Everything you need to Know about USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

The way in which people store data is fast changing with the advance in technology. The way people saved data in the past has changed over time, and people no longer store data in hard copies as they were before. An external hard drive is one of the digital devices developed to enhance the storage of documents and other types of data. Many people prefer the external hard drive due to its convenience of use and the amount of data it allows users to store.

If you want to learn and find the best external hard drive in the market either for MAC or PC, you can refer to this page. It reviews the best available external hard drives in the market.

What is an External USB Hard Drive?

An external hard drive is a storage device connected to the computer on the outside other than the inside as it is with the internal hard drive. In short, an external hard drive is an internal hard drive with a casing, which is connected to the computer through the USB port from the outside of the computer.

The Main Characteristic of a Good External Hard Drive

1.Large Capacity

The reason for using an external hard drive is to have the freedom to store tons of data. An excellent hard drive should have a capacity exceeding 1 TB to ensure storage of large files and long periods of storage. Most external hard drives at the moment range from 2TB to 4TB but there are also some that have capacities of over 100TB which could be convenient for people in the media industry.

2.Fast Transfer of Data and Files

A good external hard drive can offer fast transfer of documents and files flawlessly. For instance, there are several external hard drives with transfer speeds of 126 mbs/sec. Other lower rates, for example, 130 mbs/sec are also suitable for an external hard drive. Something to watch out for the transfer of data is that the speeds do not affect the quality of files and video. In most cases, inferior hard drives claim to offer fast speeds, yet they compromise the quality of the data.

3.Compatibility with Computers

An external hard drive should offer you convenience no matter the computer you are using. The best external hard drives are compatible with computers through the Micro-USB 3.0 Inter-phase. They can also connect with computers through the other inter-phases such as the 2.0 and 1.1 USB inter-phase.


There are different software used in computers, and not all are compatible with every external hard drive. The best external hard drives are well designed internally to connect and work properly with both Windows and Mac computer software. These are the most popular computer software, and if your external hard drive can connect with the two, it means it can connect with any other.

As the world moves digital, we should be able to roll with it because the new things are there to offer us convenience. Using an external hard drive is one of the ways devised to make life easier. With a good external hard drive, all your data storage problems come to an end. The best thing about external hard drives is that they are affordable and present in many outlets.