Tips For Finding Your Kratom Dosage

Establishing and managing kratom dosage is just as important as finding out which strains are most effective for you. It is no secret that everyone builds up a tolerance to kratom over time, and the higher you go to the worse the side-effects and withdrawal can be. That being said, there are effective methods that may be used to help control your kratom dosage and limit any unpleasantness.

Daunting as it might sound to newcomers, just remember that plenty of people in opioid and alcohol withdrawal find kratom incredibly useful for coming down. So when done carefully it really needn’t be an issue at all – just don’t get lazy and keep taking more and more!

Ease Yourself In Gently

No matter if you are using power, capsules or whatever – always start low and work up from there. At first, the effects may seem next to nothing. It takes a while for kratom to settle into your system for the first few days. Be aware of what your symptoms are. Perhaps you are taking kratom for pain relief or depression/low energy? The way to measure effectiveness is by the reduction of these symptoms.

But when is enough, enough? Once again it must be stressed that everyone is physiologically different. That isn’t just in regards to weight but a whole boatload of other factors, no less natural tolerance. When you think you may have found that sweet spot, take a little more and see if continues to make a noticeable improvement. If not, lower the dose back down and settle there.

Tolerance Will Come

Eventually, those symptoms that are the reason you have started with kratom may start to return. Here comes a key decision regarding how you manage your kratom dosage. You can take it two ways.

The first is to lower your lose for a short while and essentially- ‘bite the bullet’. It will maybe be a little uncomfortable but when you feel ready, head back up what worked before and stay there until the symptoms return. Rinse and repeat.

The second is to up your dose. A clear advantage is that by doing so you will continue – to a point – to feel some relief from the symptoms. Of course, the problem being that the higher you go, the worse the side effects may get and the nastier withdrawal will become.

An important point here is that everyone experiences different levels of side effects and these may be either early or late onset. Just because you may have found that your current kratom dosage has delivered no side effects doesn’t mean that they may not develop. Most likely they will.

There’s no right or wrong way, you just need to be careful and make the decision yourself.

Rotating strains

An interesting option that some people claim prevents tolerance developing is by rotating strains on a daily basis. Most who have found this effective tend to use 3-5 strains but maintain the same dose for each. It may work for some or it may not – but if you are addressing multiple ailments it could be the perfect option for not just addressing each of these but also not getting too tolerant to one strain. If this kratom dosage routine sounds like it could be attractive, the best way to try it is from the very beginning. Sure, it can take longer to find the sweet spot but providing you have the correct strains it is worth considering.